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How The Hampsters Saved Winter Now Available on DVD! The new animated feature “How the Hampsters Saved Winter” is now available on DVD. Join the Hampsters (Hampton

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Hamsters have stout bodies with short tails and small furry ears.

How to Sex a Hamster. Have you ever wondered if your hamster is a man or teen but can’t figure it out? It can be really important to figure it out, especially if you

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How to Care for Newborn Hamsters. If you have baby hamsters on your hands — whether you bought them or bred them — taking care of them can be a lot of work. Even

Feb 09, 2009 · Video embedded · This week’s crop of best YouTube videos includes a Hamster on the lam, an amazing Christian Bale dancing remix, a little on drugs, and Kanye

Most hamsters are strictly solitary. If housed together, acute and chronic stress may occur, and they may fight fiercely, sometimes fatally. Some dwarf hamster

Often referred to as the Siberian Hamster, the Winter White was introduced in the early 1970’s. Although currently less common than the Campbells Dwarf, they are

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Hamsters for sale. Experienced breeder of Syrian hamsters has hamsters for sale.

Hamsters in old age may become thinner emaciated looking and may start to lose their fur or the fur may become sparse, patchy, or bald patches start appearing.

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